Home Tonight: Lydia Fair 2011
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What is the Lydia Fair?

Featuring galleries of visual art, artisanry and food, and a professional theatrical show, The Lydia Fair aims to be an evocative venue for artists, a thrilling destination for audiences, and a community microphone for a worthy cause.  The fair takes place Saturday and Sunday, May 21 and 22, 2011 in the beautiful, art-filled sanctuary of the Greater Boston Vineyard, in partnership with Cambridge Open Studios and NoCA.

This year’s theme

Lydia Fair 2011:  Home Tonight is an exploration of what it means to find home wherever you find yourself.  The title is inspired by an interaction that the late Henri Nouwen had with a mentally impaired adult member of the L’Arche community where he served as a pastor in his final years.  Nouwen was asked by this man, on a regular basis, whether he would be home tonight.  The man who asked the question meant it quite literally – will I see you across the dinner table?  But for the mystic author Nouwen, the question resonated much more deeply.  As one who struggled his whole life to be emotionally present to the present moment and to those around him, this was an existential question of great import. 

This year’s non-profit beneficiary

Vineyard Community Offerings is an autonomous initiative of the Greater Boston Vineyard to build diverse communities and promote social justice through the city.  Winner of the 2010 Cambridge Police Departments Larry Burke Community Policing Award, VCO coordinates a variety of year-round programming including city-wide Soccer Nights, Reach (college prep), and the Interfaith Women’s Council.

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A multidisciplinary art happening which features the work of more than 70 artists, artisans, writers, musicians and performers. Lydia Fair 2011: Home Tonight is a benefit for Vineyard Community Offerings

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